Bumbleride Indie or Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle?

Bumbleride Indie or Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle?

We recently helped a customer work out what was better for her family - the Bumbleride Indie or the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle. These strollers are pretty similar, so we thought we would share our comparisons.

Introducing the Bumbleride Indie

This is the Bumbleride Indie, featured in Maritime Blue. It comes in a variety of colours but our favourite is black, as the dye process uses less water than other colours. Famous for being the "eco-friendly" stroller of choice for active families: each stroller is made with 28 recycled plastic bottles.

The Bumbleride Indie is beautiful in blue

Introducing the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

This is the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle. It's available in a range of fantastic colours, including a few neat prints. Famous for it's kiwi roots. Mountain Buggy originated from a couple of New Zealand dads and their desire to build a robust stroller. Mountain Buggy is now owned by Phil n' Teds, which reflects in the new  modern design.

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle in Red


How are the Bumbleride Indie and Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle similar?

  • The weight capacity on both is to 55 lb or 24.9 kg. This means it will last through to toddler.
  • They are both a reasonable weight. The Indie is 24lb, while the Urban Jungle is 23lb.
  • A safe five point harness features in both models, to keep your little one secure.
  • Both have 12” air filled tyres which is good for all terrain and tackling kerbs. The Indie includes a pump, whereas you can purchase a maintenance kit including pump for the Urban Jungle for $49.
  • Both can lie flat or be seated upright.
  • Both have a lockable front wheel for jogging.
  • They are both really easy to manoeuvre, be it at the shops or on the trail.
  • Both have good suspension for your child’s comfort.
  • They each have good colour options. 
  • Both are easy to fold.
  • Both have that lovely adjustable handle, so mum or dad can comfortably push it.
  • Both come with a belly bar to help keep active toddlers contained and safe.
  • Both come with the option of adding a carrycot for a parent-facing lie-flat mode.
  • And they both have different options for adding car seats.
  • The price is very similar.
  • Both come with warranties (Urban Jungle is 1 year, while Indie is 3 years on the frame, 1 on tyres).

When would you prefer a Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle to a Bumbleride Indie?

  • You want to add a second seat for another child at any point (there is an attachment you can buy to create a second seat for a double layer).  
  • You want to use the car seat adapters to create a travel system, and your capsule is a Phil n Teds capsule or one that isn’t compatible with an Indie.
  • You want a one hand fold (Bumbleride Indie isn’t difficult, but does require two hands).


When would you choose a Bumbleride Indie over a Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle?

  • Sustainability is important to you, as it uses recycled plastic fabric.
  • You are worried about the sun. The fabric is polyester so is less likely to fade, and the Indie has a very generous sunshade.
  • You appreciate having a bigger basket for your baby gear.
  • You have a capsule that fits with the Indie but not the Urban Jungle (like a Nuna, for example).
  • The bassinet setting is important to you. The bassinet setting on the Indie allows you to lie your newborn flat and keep them safely enclosed as the foot folds up.

We hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to call us on 04 298 6404 if you have any questions about how these strollers compare. Or, learn more about the Bumbleride Indie here.

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