Bumbleride Indie or Edwards & Co Oscar G3 - What suits you?

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Bumbleride Indie or Edwards & Co Oscar G3 - What suits you?

We recently had a husband and wife team come into the shop to check out our stroller selection. The husband really loved the Bumbleride Indie, while the wife was a fan of the Edwards & Co Oscar G3.

We love both of these strollers and understand that it's really difficult to decide between the two. This blog outlines some of the key similarities and differences to help your family decide.

Introducing the Bumbleride Indie

This is the Bumbleride Indie, featured in Maritime Blue. It's fantastic for more active families, with great suspension which makes off-roading super comfortable. Bumbleride comes in a variety of beautiful colours, and has some really slick accessories like their carrycot, or the wooden skateboard that can attach to the back.

The Bumbleride Indie is beautiful in blue

Introducing the Edwards & Co Oscar G3

This is the Edwards & Co Oscar G3. The Oscar G3 is super versatile and can be made into a complete travel solution with the addition of the Edwards & Co capsule or carrycot. The seat can move from parent facing to forward facing, it can lie flat for a newborn or upright for a toddler.


How are the Bumbleride Indie and Edwards & Co Oscar G3 similar?

  • They both have a lie flat mode for newborns, but also good height in the seat for the toddler years.
  • They are both a reasonable weight - light enough to lift into the car boot. The Bumbleride Indie is 10.8 kg, while the Edwards & Co Oscar G3 is slightly heavier at 12.4 kg (for both seat and frame).
  • A safe five point harness features in both models, to keep your little one secure.
  • Both have air filled tyres which are great for a smooth ride, including over kerbs or gravel.
  • They both come with a free pump for the tyres. 
  • Both have a lockable front wheel for jogging.
  • They are both really easy to manoeuvre, be it at the shops or on the trail.
  • Both have good suspension for your child’s comfort.
  • Both are easy to fold.
  • Both have that lovely adjustable handle, so mum or dad can comfortably push it.
  • Both have beautifully big and generous baskets for the family's gear.
  • Both come with a removable belly bar to help keep active toddlers contained and safe.
  • Both come with the option of adding a carrycot for a parent-facing lie-flat mode, and both have different options for adding car seats.
  • Both come with warranties (Indie is 3 years on the frame, 1 on tyres while Oscar G3 is 2 years on everything).

When would you prefer a Bumbleride Indie over an Edwards & Co Oscar G3?

  • You want to be active outdoors quite a bit as a family. The Bumbleride Indie's suspension and durable frame will hack any environment you throw at it.
  • You love the colour options available in the Bumbleride Indie. Or you want to mix and match and buy a different colour of carrycot to mix things up a bit.
  • Sustainability is important to you, as it uses recycled plastic fabric. Each stroller keeps 28 recycled plastic bottles from landfills. The black colourway also uses an innovative dying technique which uses less water.
  • You like supporting companies that track the production process from go to woah. Bumbleride are careful about reviewing the type of fabrics and materials they use, and feature stories about the factories in which Bumbleride strollers are produced on their website so you can learn about the people involved in the production process. 
  • The bassinet setting is important to you. The bassinet setting on the Indie allows you to lie your newborn flat and keep them safely enclosed as the foot folds up, and the sunshade folds down.
  • You have two kids and you think there's a possibility your older child will try sit in the foot well. The Bumbleride Indie can take almost 25kg in weight, and is pretty durable (although we can't recommend using the stroller this way).

When would you prefer an Edwards & Co Oscar G3 over a Bumbleride Indie?

  • Convenience. The Edwards & Co Oscar G3 is so popular because of its modularity. It's easy to pop the seat out and replace it with the Edwards & Co capsule, or the carry cot. It's one step.
  • You love supporting New Zealand companies. Edwards & Co is totally New Zealand owned. The owners and staff are pretty cool too - check out their adventures on Instagram.
  • The parent setting is important to you. The Edwards & Co Oscar G3 offers the option of having a parent facing stroller or carrycot, which is cool.
  • You love the options in the frame. The Edwards & Co Oscar G3 comes in a really nice rose gold frame, or a sleek black frame.
  • The Edwards & Co Oscar G3 also comes with a free rain cover - which is a nice added bonus.

We hope this helps (although maybe this just makes it harder). Please do not hesitate to call us on 04 298 6404 if you have any questions about how these strollers compare, or visit us at 18 Ihakara Street, Paraparaumu, to have a tutu. Whichever one you go for, we think you'll really enjoy your purchase.

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