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Baby Shower Gift Inspiration

Baby Shower Gift Inspiration

Two important people in our life are pregnant right now, so we're in full on Baby Shower Planning Mode. It's exciting!!!! 

What can you buy your friend for her baby shower?

The best gift you can give a new mother is your presence, support and care for her and her baby. But if you want to take it a step further, here are some of our top picks for baby gifts!


Super cheap, super convenient. Parents can never have too many bibs!

The Haakaa silicon breast pump

You never quite know how easy or difficult breastfeeding will be. The haakaa breast pump is small enough, cheap enough, and convenient enough to throw in the hospital bag as a "just in case" item which could end up saving the day if mum becomes engorged or needs to pump down the line.

A starter box of cloth nappies.

A Close Pop-in box will be well appreciated by a mum interested in using cloth nappies. You can buy as much as you want to spend: one or two, a five pack, a 10 pack, or even a 20 pack.

Muslin wraps

Apparently the average Australian (and we assume Kiwi) baby owns 10 muslin wraps. These things are just so convenient, you can't go wrong.

You could also use a muslin as wrapping paper for something else for mum & baby (cute!!)

Grocery vouchers

If mum is taking time off for that first special year, money may get tight. A couple of vouchers may really come in useful.

A knit blanket

Aww it's so soft and adorable, it's making me gooey! Snuggly baby blankets are ideal baby gifts.

A pregnancy pillow

A pillow will help mum stay comfy while pregnant, and can be used as a breastfeeding support once bubs is here. 

Or go D.I.Y

Baking is always appreciated. Or, DIY a baby mobile or some knitted hats. Super cute and even more thoughtful.

If you can't attend the baby shower...

If you can't make it, how about getting us to send a gift for you? We can include a special message and gift wrapping, and make sure it's extra special.


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