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Baby Christmas Gifts For 6 to 12 Month Old Babies

Baby Christmas Gifts For 6 to 12 Month Old Babies

This is baby's first Christmas!  And between 6 to 12 months old, baby will be keen to explore - so we'll focus on gifts that enable that!

Exploring may involve pulling, pushing, or standing up, finding a new book or some colourful and noisy toy. It may even involve discovery of new skills - like holding a cup, or using a fork for the first time.

So without further ado, here are our top picks for 6 to 12 month old babies for Christmas!

1. Dibly the Dino Sore No More Book and Teether



Not only is the teething toy a life saver when baby is teething with a variety of textures on it to help soothe sore little gums - this cleverly packaged gift comes with a wee book, with a neat story about teething and the trials that this little dinosaur goes through. 

2. A Lamaze Clip and Go Stroller Buddy


Delighting to the senses, the Lamaze toys encompass sounds, colours, and textures, and are suitable from birth through to 24 months. My favourite is Rex the Dinosaur, but Woody has certainly been the most popular in store with our local parents!

3. A Baby Wow Cup


Encourage independence, with a wow cup! These amazing anti-spill cups are super popular with little kids. We even had one granny come back to the store after buying one moko a prezzie, because the other 3 mokos all wanted one after seeing him drink from it at his birthday party!

4. A Beautiful Plush Teddy


Billy the Teddy is one of my favourites. From his cute eager grin through to those darling knitted legs. He's made out of safe materials, and he's a great source of comfort to little ones at night time.

5. A Pull Along Toy



As your little explorer starts to take off, a pull along toy can present a new challenge and source of entertainment. We love the pull along dog for this, which has been a consistent top product in store for a few years! However, recently we got in the pull along penguin as well. Which is your fav? 

6. A Maraca Rattle


Let's dance! These rattles are suitable for new babies, and older ones - even granddads! 

7. A Gobstopper


These unique snuggly blankets have tags and textures to explore, and help keep teething toys or pacifiers attached to the stroller or cot too. 

8. A Teddy Bear or Bunny Rabbit Nightlight



A range of colours will delight and soothe your baby. A great practical option too, as the nightlight offers dim lighting for night time feeds and nappy changes.

9. Cutting Vegetables or Fruit



While the "age recommendation" on these may be slightly older, with supervision, these vegetables make a great toy for little ones too. The texture of the velcro, the colours of the vegetables, and the action of sticking and unsticking, all absorb attention.

10. An Amber Necklace


Super cute, and designed to support baby through teething. An Amber Necklace is a great gift option.

What's your favourite? Let us know below!

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