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Holiday shopping for a 4 year old

Holiday shopping for a 4 year old

3 and 4 year olds can talk. So who better to tell you about what to buy a 3 or 4 year old for Christmas, than a 4 year old? We let this little Miss loose so that she could share her top picks for Christmas with you!

haakaa drink bottle

Her first choice was the Haakaa Stainless Steel Baby Bottle. This probably wouldn't work for her that well because it's a baby bottle, however there's a straw top version which would be perfect for her, which is $49.90 and can carry 280 ml. There's also a steel lid you can buy as a neat little add on, so that you can use this thermal bottle for carrying soup to daycare as well :)


Norsewear children's socks

Next she made her way over to our trial display from Norsewear (a New Zealand merino and possum fur brand). We have a little display in the shop with some new items which Norsewear are testing the market for, so these are not on our website. The merino socks with smiley faces were very tempting, and very fun. We've priced these at $13 a pair. 



Wamigo Kitty Knit Toy

Weegoamigo's cuddly kitty was a top pick. This kitty retails for $30 and is particularly popular with children who come into the store. I think she's probably the most popular of the range.


haakaa drink bottle

Next we have... another drink bottle from haakaa! She must have been thirsty. This haakaa sippy top drink bottle will easily fit into her bag and is slightly less than the cow bottle, at just $45.


Apple Park Organic Backpack

And last, but certainly not least (given she asks for it every time she comes in the shop...), a Bat Backpack from Applepark Organic, $45. This backpack is made out of recycled PET bottles, so is a bit more eco-friendly too. There's also a matching lunchpack if you want to go all out.

We hope you enjoyed this shopping trip as much as we did. There are heaps of fun things in store, and we're adding more every day to ensure that we have you covered as your little friend grows older. Come and browse in store or online today.

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