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A gift guide for 12-24 month olds (aka toddlers)

A gift guide for 12-24 month olds (aka toddlers)

Ooooo your baby isn't a baby anymore (well, they still kinda are, but you know... they're growing). It's bittersweet. I'm at that point now with my little man. He's a runner, he's a climber, he's no longer a child that likes to sit on the couch with me for hours.

At this age, he'll play with anything. His favourite things to get into are shoes (which he puts on and clunks around in), and things like boxes of tissues or wipes, which he promptly empties.

However, if you were to ask me what you could buy him for Christmas (aside from a woman's handbag and the assorted treasures he might find in there), some of my top picks would include:


* A Pram Walker, $90

He likes to mimic what I do and what his dad does, and looking after our children is our most important grown-up task. 


* A balance bike, $120

He's constantly challenging himself, and a balance bike would help him to develop his balance, strength, and co-ordination. (Check out our "movement" category in the toy section of our website for more ideas like this.)


* Crayons + a colouring book, $1-5

This is a low cost easy present, but one he'd absolutely go to town with. At this age, he's starting to really explore his expressive freedom and creative abilities. 


* The animal mix n match game, $13

A game like this would help him learn patterns, and can be a lot of fun to play with him. Another idea is to buy a box of coloured pegs and encourage him to sort them out into colours. I just can't guarantee every mum would respond as enthusiastically I would about pegs though - the sorting game is probably a bit safer as a gift option!

* A Haakaa drink bottle with the sippy straw attachment, $49.90

He's an active little man and will absolutely guzzle his water back. It would be nice for him to have his own straw bottle though, and I love that the Haakaa bottle is anti-spill.


* His very own toolbelt, $32

Because this would just be too cute! Also works perfectly for girl toddlers.

* Close pop-in swimwear, $50

Until he's 4, he's going to be asked to wear a swim nappy at the local pools. The close pop-in reusable swim nappy is therefore a worthwhile investment. The matching rash top is spf 50, so a great addition. Plus I just love the patterns. Especially the monsters.

Do you have a toddler? If so what would your biggest recommendations be to those looking for a gift this Christmas?
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