A baby shower in the shop - how cute!!

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A baby shower in the shop - how cute!!

Our dear friend is due to have her baby in November, so we threw her and her hubby a baby shower in the shop, because - why not?

It was so much fun! Someone even suggested that we add hosting showers to our list of offerings  #complimentswillgetyoueverything

Some of our highlights included playing a team game where the teams had to navigate toilet rolls onto toilet plungers and transfer paper across the room without using their hands. We loved the team heckling as people got super competitive.

But our favourite part was probably everyone gathering around, sharing kai and laughter and best wishes for our friends in this new stage of their life. 

Baby Box is about more than just selling stuff, it's also about celebration and support for parents. We are so pleased that we were able to pull off such a fun party for our friends.

It may interest readers to know that we welcome inquiries from coffee groups, community speakers, and those looking to host small scale events in store. Come and talk to us if this is something you're interested in. 

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