5 Reviews of the Snuzpod Crib

5 Reviews of the Snuzpod 3 Crib

Hey guys! We often get asked for our thoughts on the products we stock and one that has come up a lot lately is the Snuzpod Crib, so I thought we'd gather some reviews from mums from around the net into a blog post to help you shortcut your research.

1. Write Like Noones Watching - Review of the Snuzpod

This mama didn't end up using the co-sleeper function as much as she first thought. However, she says that it was relatively easy to put together (but prepare for it to be flatpacked). They went with the white and really loved the clean lines and style, which matched any room. The rockable stand was another fav feature, as was the built in storage shelf.  She sets out the pros and cons. Pros include versatility, design, longevity, the rocking feature, safety, storage, compatibility and that her baby Daisy loves it. Cons were cleaning (she recommends the mattress protector), general wear, cost and extras. She mentions tilting as a con - but in the latest snuzpod 3 this is remedied.

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2. Made for Mums - Review of the Snuzpod 3 Crib

Check out this review of the Snuzpod crib from Youtube:

3. Sorry About the Mess - Review of the Snuzpod

I think it's super interesting that this mum bought the Snuzpod for her third child. Three children in, you become quite discerning about what you will spend your money on when it comes to babies. She has loved sleeping her baby Otto besides her in this neat wee crib. It was also useful to have a crib that could be moved around the house, while they kept up with their other kids in other rooms. The negatives mentioned were needing to handwash the sides of the crib, and marrying up the height of her bed to the snuzpod. 

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4. Happy Mummy - Review of the Snuzpod 3

This mum talks about how well her son George slept in the Snuzpod Crib, which they used as a stand alone crib. This mama had a c-section so getting in and out of bed would have been hard if they used the crib as a co-sleeper.

5. Little Miss Tiggy - Snuzpod 3 Bedside Crib Review

This mum has reviewed both the Snuzpod 2 and the Snuzpod 3 but her more recent blog features the Snuzpod 3 Crib. In her review she talks about how her daughter Pip still fits the crib at 10 months old. They use the Snuzpod sheets with their crib and have a beautiful looking set up in their bedroom. Compared to the Snuzpod 2, she likes the bigger size, the crib being wider yet lighter, how easy it is to lift the crib part off it's base, and that there are two breathable mesh sides which make it easy to keep an eye on baby. The best part though is that Pip sleeps well in her Snuzpod.

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