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10 gift ideas for 3-6 month olds

10 gift ideas for 3-6 month olds

When my baby was 3 months' old, his favourite thing was mum. But mums probably don't want to be wrapped up and placed under the tree on Christmas morning, so here are 10 alternative ideas for gifts for 3-6 month olds:

1. The animal sorting truck, $37

Great for learning, but also good to chew on and stare at for now. As baby gets older, fitting the animals into the right slots will become a useful game. Mum and dad can also pull the truck along to motivate baby to start crawling.

2. A glass Haakaa bottle with a silicon nipple, $26.90 

If mum is planning on going back to work, or on taking any trips away from home, this is a great bottle to have on hand. We really love how flexible the nipple is, it's great for breastfed babies!


3. Meemoo the cow, glass bottle cover, $24

Give baby something cute to hold onto when having his or her bottle. 


4. Boxer the Dog Organic Farm Buddy, $27

The rattle makes noise, which makes it extra fun for babies this age. There are a range of Farm Buddies available, so you can find the friend that fits your baby best.


5. Merino summer-weight sleeping bag

At this age, babies start to wriggle and move. Keep them snug at night in a sleeping bag made from comfortable merino and maximise mum and dad's sleep. You'll be a legit legend.


6. Bebe & i photobook, $49

Great for tummy time! Encourage baby to focus on pictures of your choice.


7. Pearl knit kitty from Weegoamigo, $27

At this age babies can start forming attachments. A special plush toy is great for this age. If you want to go the extra mile, buy 2, so there's a spare in case kitty ever gets lost.


8.  Weegoamigo knit blanket, $100

A special blanket for the stroller will be much appreciated and encourage outdoor adventures.

9. Smiling owl teether, $12.99

First teeth begin to cut through for babies' this age. The smiling owl teether is a great option for babies this little, because it's made out of natural rubber which is more hygienic than other materials, and it's good to hold with little hands.

10. Haakaa baby toothbrush, $10.90

At this age babies need to start brushing their teeth and gums. A baby toothbrush is especially designed for gums, and feels amazing when baby is teething too.

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